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7mm Polyester Baling Strapping-WG20-7/500

7mm Polyester Baling Strapping, 7mm Bale Tape,7mm Baling Tape Suppliers

13mm Polyester Baling Strapping-WG40-13/250

13mm Polyester Baling Strapping,Baler Strapping,Corded polyester bale strapping

13mm Polyester Baling Strapping-WG40-13/350

13mm Polyester Baling Strapping,polyster baling strapping bststrap,Bale Press Strapping

9mm Polyester Baling Strapping-WG30-9/250

9mm Polyester Baling Strapping,Bale Press Strapping,polyester corded bale strapping Manufacturer

13mm Polyester Baling Strapping-WG45-13/300

13mm Polyester Baling Strapping,Bale Press Strapping,bale strapping Manufacturer

13mm Polyester Baling Strapping-WG45-13/200

13mm Polyester Baling Strapping,Baler Strapping,Corded polyester bale strapping

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Huzhou Best Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and is a professional manufacturer engaged in transportation safety packaging.
We are always committed to solving logistics packaging problems, thereby driving business flow to a larger scale and region. Customer satisfaction with packaging is our eternal belief


Decades of Experience

BSTSTRAP has always been engaged in solving logistics packaging problems and supplying packaging safety consumables. We have built a large loyal customer base around the world.

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BSTSTRAP specializes in producing strapping products and transport packaging enabling us to deliver you the best quality products at the best prices.

Quality Assurance

At our location we manufacture under highest quality standards that isour guarantee for quality and sustainability

Environmental friendly

There are various ways that we can make sustainable changes in order to lessen the negative effect that our daily lives usually contribute to.

Innovative Sustainability

We assume social responsibility and turn old into new again. These principles are firmly anchored.

Fast & Efficient Service

BSTSTRAP prides itself on its fast and efficient service, that’s why we are one of the world’s leading strapping system suppliers.


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Barrel reinforcement
Timber transportation reinforcement
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