13mm Polyester Baling Strapping 250-Meter Rolls: Efficient and Dependable Bundling

In the world of material management and bundling, having the right strapping solution is essential. The 13mm Polyester Baling Strapping in 250-meter rolls is a product designed to excel in various bundling tasks. In this brief introduction, we'll explore the key features that make this strapping solution an efficient and reliable choice.

13mm Polyester Baling Strapping 13mm Polyester Baling Strapping 13mm Polyester Baling Strapping


13mm Polyester Baling Strapping Coils x8 (13mm x 250 Mts)

Product CategoryBM40
Band Width13 mm
Meters per   Roll250
Rolls per   Box8
Rolls per   Pallet576
Breaking   Strength +/- 5%380 kp
Core Ø60 mm
Box Size   (L x W x H mm)625 x 312 x 140 mm
Pallet   Size (W x L mm)1000 x 1300 mm

Optimal Width for Versatility

The 13mm width of the Polyester Baling Strapping strikes a balance between versatility and strength. This width allows for the efficient bundling of materials of different sizes and weights. Whether you're bundling recyclables, agricultural products, or industrial materials, this strapping width provides the flexibility needed for a wide range of applications.

Exceptional Tensile Strength

At the core of this strapping's performance is its exceptional tensile strength. Engineered to withstand demanding bundling tasks, it securely holds materials together, ensuring that your bundles remain intact during transportation and storage. This strength instills confidence in the reliability of your bundling.

Durable Polyester Material

Durability is a hallmark of polyester strapping, and the Polyester Baling Strapping is no exception. Crafted from high-quality polyester, it can endure various environmental conditions, ensuring that your materials remain securely bundled, even when exposed to moisture, temperature fluctuations, or other challenges.

Efficiency with Ample Length

Each roll of Polyester Baling Strapping in 250-meter rolls provides a generous supply of strapping material. This ample length per roll minimizes downtime caused by frequent roll changes, enhancing the efficiency of your bundling operations.

Versatility for Diverse Applications

One of the standout features of this strapping is its adaptability. It seamlessly accommodates various applications, making it a dependable choice for bundling needs across different industries. Whether you're involved in recycling, agriculture, manufacturing, or other fields, this strapping solution can meet your bundling requirements with ease.

In summary, the 13mm Polyester Baling Strapping in 250-meter rolls is a reliable and efficient solution for all your bundling needs. Its optimal width, exceptional strength, and durable polyester material make it a top choice across industries. With ample length per roll and adaptability to diverse applications, it offers both efficiency and reliability for bundling tasks. Trust in the Polyester Baling Strapping for secure and efficient bundling, setting a high standard in the strapping industry.


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